We had rehearsed, and were ready. As we gathered off stage for that final breath before revisiting the training ground where we came of age, to bring back a revised, refocused, refined, and much more personal version of our own art forms, we waited for her. Through multiple channels, Jennifer selected characters, each time a distinct, multidimensional personality from deep within, to introduce each of our performances. The cast of characters emerging from Jennifer’s inner chamber that night was vast, diverse, complete in its attention to detail inside and out. Performing for the second iteration of the 5000 Women Festival at Wesleyan was a joy, especially as hosted by the mighty Jennifer Blaine, with Jennifer Blaine, and Jennifer Blaine, and then there was Jennifer Blaine…” – Aleta Staton



In just one month of working with you, I was presented with opportunities that I’ve wanted for years–and had the clarity of vision and renewed dedication to actually seize them! The idea of letting go of “should” and focusing on what I actually want was so simple yet completely changed my perspective. Thank you so much for your positivity, patience, and support!

Participating in 5,000 Women performance at Wesleyan University was so much fun! I got to meet a diverse group of creative women and made connections I am still fostering after the event. Your ability to put together a varied and engaging show with women of all backgrounds is, sadly, so rare, and much, much needed. I can’t wait to see where else 5,000 Women travel in the months and years to come. You’re the best!” -Naomi Ekperigin



I’ve known Jennifer for years and she is just amazing in every way. I recently had the pleasure of performing in a 5000 Women event she organized and it was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. It was fantastic to meet the other creative artists from diverse backgrounds and fields and I loved sharing my work in that context. Jennifer produced the show with true professionalism and I look forward to working with her again.” -Jody Sperling



Jennifer gathered an inspiringly talented and passionate group of women for the “5,000 Women” Festival at Wesleyan in 2011. She was a fantastic MC and did a wonderful job of introducing each act by playing a different character in her repertoire. She showed kindness and generosity toward each participant. As a performer, I felt utterly supported by Jennifer. I look forward to the continued growth of 5,000 Women!” -Elizabeth Liang (Actress and one-woman show)



“Jennifer has been a transformational angel in my life, helping me crystallize what I really want and then helping me attract those things into my life. I started working with Jennifer nearly 5 years ago and life has continued to reveal to me sweet synchronicity, the longer I have worked with Jennifer. Every time I leave a session with Jennifer, I feel like I have experienced a deep massage for my brain…as if I have been meditating for many days. My mind, body, and spirit feel spacious…that I now have an open place to attract what I want from life. My aura feels calm, relaxed, and free. And it is from this place that Jennifer has continually taught me how to positively transform my life. She is my mirror, my guide, my angel, my guru, and always my coach. I adore Jennifer. She is nothing short of amazing.” -Cynthia Spitalny



My thanks to Jennifer for including me and my poetry in her brainchild of 5,000 Women in the Arts. We are so often pigeonholed in our lives and our work that it was quite inspiring to find myself sharing the stage with comedians, singers, dancers and actors. I’m honored to find myself in the company, both real and virtual, of such talented and dedicated artists.” -Sue Guiney (Poet)