Meet Jennifer Blaine


Jennifer Blaine is a performance artist and life coach who has combined these two talents to create 5,000 Women. Jennifer Blaine has been performing original one-woman shows since 1995. She specializes in comedy that delves into serious and socially relevant issues and provides audiences with the opportunity to unite in laughter.  Jennifer has opened for George Carlin, performed with Chris Rock, and Joe Piscopo. She was featured on ABC’s Philly After Midnight: Women Comedians. According to the Philadelphia Daily News, “Her comic genius is like Lily Tomlin and Tracey Ullman.” As a transformational coach, Jennifer illuminates what is most needed, creates bursts of aliveness, and guides you to confidently create what you most want in your life. She is a member of the American Counseling Association and a certified coach of the Hendricks Institute. Jennifer has enjoyed teaching life-skills for creating self-esteem, conscious relationships, and life-path visioning since she became a coach in 1997.

A note from Jennifer about 5,000 Women:

Every woman’s story has the power to change her world. Imagine if we had all our stories of triumph and redemption available to all of us at all times? What kinds of change would we see in the world then?

I created 5,000 Women because I believe we are living in a moment where it is essential to choose to be creative in order to feel connected and alive. We also need entertainment now more than ever. As a child growing up in NYC in the 1970s, performance art was everywhere! I am seeking to create a forum where creative expression and entertainment is bursting forth just as I experienced it in my childhood. I am calling it 5,000 Women to emphasize women’s power, but it is for everybody to enjoy. Men are welcomed as collaborators and as support to the women performers.  

Over the last 15 years I have been creating and performing one-woman shows with an emphasis on bringing humor to issues of gender, diversity and social justice. I launched 5,000 Women as both a community for those of us who already have an active career, as well as a resource for those who are envisioning a future in the arts. I have learned how to forge an identity and make a life as an artist, and how to create a work of art. And I want to share all of those critical ingredients with you.

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Photo of Jennifer by Jeff Fusco; styling by Judith D’Andrea